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Tropical Disco

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Foto: @Blancostudios | Diseño y Decoración: Marry In Cartagena

We make fusion possible

Tropical Disco, a concept we designed for a beautiful couple from Texas. It took place in the emblematic venue of the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Hotel.

Happened to us on some occasions that the bride wants one style and the groom wants to incorporate another, for us these challenges are exciting because the fusions allow for innovative creations. This is how Katy and Juan's wedding led us to fuse the tropical chic style with the disco era.

We remember the positive expressions generated in the guests when they entered the chapel ballroom of the Sofitel Santa Clara and felt that they were in South America with a tropical style decoration, but seeing the disco balls on the ceiling creating a sparkling effect throughout the ballroom, complemented with music from the DJ of the Disco era, created an impact on the couple and guests, who did not stop making videos with their cell phones.

For Marry In Cartagena fusions are possible, but you have to know how to create a balance between them and how complement to the space or place of the event. Therefore, we advise with vision and innovation these ideas to couples who want to go out of the traditional.

If you want a decoration out of the traditional and with style, in Marry In Cartagena we design yours.

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