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Spring colorful

Foto, Diseño y Decoración: Marry In Cartagena

Diversity of colors a great bet.

We love to make fusions of concepts, as a composition of colors with elegance, subtlety, from the illusion of a couple to reality.

As some people say, there are colors for every taste. Lately We could say, that couples should not necessarily stick to a wedding trend. The trends we consider are valid ideas and references to guide you to define the concept of your wedding. The decoration of an ideal wedding celebration is the one that reflects the personality as a couple or the one you have always dreamed of having and want to transmit through a concept to your guests and remain impregnated in their/your memory.

Perla and Diego decided to give color to their wedding. We designed a concept where color is rescued in the flowers, the beautiful colorful roses that nature gives us, as focal points of this decoration. Maintaining the elegance and subtlety in the other details in the composition of the table and the romantic atmosphere of the place. The harmony of the colors and variety of flowers with the touch of green foliage enlivened the atmosphere for a beautiful reception.

At Marry In Cartagena we love to give love and life to your special moments, designing unique concepts, full of style and good taste.

We thank the couples who have bet on us since our beginnings, those continue to do so, and we have a heart full of satisfaction when our clients tell us that we exceed their expectations.

Thank you,

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