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Marry In Cartagena is born and strengthened as a company of Designers Destination Weddings and Events, under the leadership of two Wedding & Event Planners recognized in the industry, Jessica Rivas and Soraya Oke. As Wedding Group we want to make every illusion a reality.

Learn more about our services below.

Marry In Cartagena


Our main service is the design and decoration of weddings and events, however as Wedding Group we have for you other extra services that can help the organization of your wedding or event, in the city of Cartagena de Indias or other city of operation. Learn more about what each one offers and choose the ideal service for you. We would love to advise you and create for you the right environment for unforgettable experiences.

Marry In Cartagena
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Marry In Cartagena
Boda Cartagena

Colonial Romantic

All white floral design that contrasted with the elegant and traditional wooden furniture, to generate a modern colonial effect, in a house with a historical architecture.

Foto: Clara Mendoza
Boda Cartagena

Tropical Disco

Tropical Disco, a concept we designed for a beautiful couple from Texas. It took place in the emblematic venue of the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Hotel.

Foto: Blanco Studios
Boda Cartagena


Greenery is a concept that many people love, but you must know how to create the right composition of foliage, styles and locations to make your wedding design a hit!

Foto: Marry In Cartagena
Boda Cartagena

Spring color

We love to make fusions of concepts, like a composition of colors, with elegance, subtlety, from the illusion of this couple to reality.

Foto: Marry In Cartagena


Decoracion Floral
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Sol & Juan Pablo

"Sory, ya estamos en Bogotá de regreso a casa, gracias por todo, sin tu ayuda no hubiera sido posible, todo salió súper bien organizado, y tu compañía y ayuda fue muy especial, todos quedaron súper encantados con todo, salvo muy lindo y eso es gracias a ti. Espero que la vida nos vuelva a juntar te mandamos un beso gigante."
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