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Romantic Colonial

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Foto: @claramendoza | Diseño y Decoración: @Marry In Cartagena.

A wedding full of romance

All White floral design that contrasted with the elegant and traditional wooden furniture, to generate a modern colonial effect, in a house with a historical architecture.

We remember when we met with the bride and groom to evoke the concept of the wedding, they wanted white flowers and not to lose the colonial architecture of the place, which would allow them to have an experience with the space and a cozy dinner. With this, we advised a wedding table design with an elegant, classic and modern touch, and for not to lose the soul of the place, we highlighted the walls with classic amber lights and decorated certain spaces to make it cozy without overloading.

We love to design and create spaces according to the style of experience that the couple wants to project and make it unforgettable for them and their guests. Decoration is an essential part of a wedding, because besides helping to create the right atmosphere for such a special celebration, it frames memorable memories.

If you want a concept in your style and with style, in Marry In Cartagena we will advise you to design and decorate your wedding, because we make every illusion a reality.

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