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Wedding Group

We tell you a little about how we can help you as Wedding Group.


It is our purpose to make every illusion a reality, therefore, in addition to being the designer and decorator of your wedding, Marry In Cartagena facilitates the organization of your wedding with our Wedding Planning team. One of the benefits you will find as a Wedding Group is the professional advice and leadership of a Wedding Planner and a Decorator, to make your dream wedding come true and with less stress.


Thank you for choosing Marry In Cartagena.


Jessi & Sori,

Wedding Planner Cartagena

Service Wedding Planning Cartagena

Personalized service created for couples who want complete assistance and advice in the planning process up to the coordination of the wedding day.

Wedding Design

  • Wedding concept and Layout.


Planning Process

  • Timeline planning of your wedding.

  • Elaboration and follow-up of the wedding budget.

  • Assistance in finding and selecting a location for the ceremony and reception, if applicable.

  • Selection, booking and coordination of wedding vendors.

  • Coordination inspection visit

  • Elaborate and share the program or minute by minute of the wedding day with suppliers and location.

  • Rehearsal ceremony practice.


Wedding Day

  • Lead Planner

  • Protocol Team

  • Coordination that the venue and vendors work as planned or expected.

  • Management and supervision the event day, according to the minute-by-minute schedule for your wedding.

Wedding Planner Cartagena

Let's work together

We would love to team up with you to make an exceptional wedding.

When do we start?

FAQ: ¿ I can hire only Wedding Planning service ?
R/  To guarantee our service, one of the conditions is: if you contract the Wedding Planning service with us, the floral decoration must be with Marry In Cartagena. However, if you only want the decoration service, you are NOT subject or conditioned to a Wedding Planning service.
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