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Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Foto, Diseño y Decoración: Marry In Cartagena

Creating a composition full of nature

Greenery is a concept that many people love, but you must know how to create the right composition of foliage, styles and locations to make your wedding design a hit!

A Greenary decoration is a timeless style that started as a trend many years ago, but is here to stay. It's favored by couples who want their wedding design to have a nature-filled approach.

This style uses plants and natural green foliage as the protagonist, but it is a universe of many varieties, shapes and tones of green where you must know how to combine to create uniformity or consistency between them, so you can highlight its essence and go with the space to be transformed. As is the case with the tones, depending on the idea and place, you can merge the same or different tones of green to generate contrast and personality.

Like the composition of green foliage variety that we designed for the wedding of Alexandra and Jean Sebastian to create an elegant rustic atmosphere, which was developed with a uniform tone in dark green, playing with the variety and type of natural green foliage such as fern, ruscus and others, with a touch of subtle white flower to enhance the elegance they were looking for. The result was the wedding decoration they always dreamed of; we made that illusion come true as they themselves stated.

In Marry In Cartagena, we handle different styles and concepts of wedding and event designs, and one of the most important things is how to find congruence and taste in the composition and creation of themselves.

We hope you find in us the connection with the vision of the wedding style you dream of.

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